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Middle schooler Nazuna desperately wants to run away with her classmate Norimichi, who somehow turns back time on this fateful summer's day. They’re moving, but she doesn’t want to leave. What if she could run away? It would take a miracle, maybe even some magic.


Suzu Hirose

Masaki Suda

Mamoru Miyano

Takako Matsu

Shintaro Asanuma

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Yuki Kaji

Shinichiro Miki

Kana Hanazawa

Takahiro Sakurai

Michiko Neya

Nobuo Tobita

Mitsuru Miyamoto

Fumihiko Tachiki


Akiyuki Shinbo

Nobuyuki Takeuchi


Anime Features

Romance Anime

Drama Anime

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Costa Rica



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