Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - G.L.O.W. coming to Netflix

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Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - G.L.O.W. coming to Netflix

by James Locarno

Since 1997, Netflix has been coming up with some of the best hits in TV industry. With that being said, there is yet another upcoming original show which has already gained enough attention by the fans. GLOW is an upcoming American-comedy series which will be released by Netflix on June 23, 2017. This show revolves around the entire concept of 1980’s women’s professional wrestling circuit which was called Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling –G.L.O.W. GLOW was an original TV series which successfully continued from 1986 to 1990. It however differed from the typical WWE shows in a sense that it was kept simple and light, and the wrestlers were changed every season.

The good news of this dramedy has already got some fans to hold their senses and popcorns to watch this half-hour, awe-inspiring TV show. Created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, inspired by 1980’s women who came forward in the wrestling world, the show is led by Alison Brie. Alison is playing the character of Ruth Wilder who is currently a struggling actress in Los Angeles. But then one day she receives an unexpected invitation for an audition in GLOW. Besides her, twelve other women are also called for the audition. Due to her unsatisfactory situation in the show business and seeing how women are not given their rights fairly, she is drawn to the idea of fighting courageously on stage instead of being behind the curtains.

Marc Maron, the co-actor plays the role of Sam Sylvia, who is a washed-up and thwarted yet ambitious director who wants to make something out of this leadership. With the assistance of girl from different races, size and color, he manages to develop a master-piece. All these girls have the spirit of feminism and determination and they fight hard to express themselves while making money. This new Netflix’s series is also embellished with some drama. Debbie Eagan is another character who is played by the stunning Betty Gilpin. Debbie is a soap opera beauty who is also a friend of Ruth’s. Debbie finds out that Ruth has slept with her husband –giving a different turn to their friendship.

The entire series is constructed around the idea of 80’s format. It depicts a Reagan-era Los Angeles –where cocaine is as essential as oxygen, and the cast is dressed up in really bold clothes. Another interesting thing about this show is Marc’s acting. YES, he is an excellent interviewer –but after getting the sneak peaks of this show, it is obvious that he is also a very talented and terrific acting who will leave you in awe. The first season of this show will consist of ten episodes. The show hasn’t even aired yet and it has collected hype as if it’s already on the top of the best creations. From all the reviews and interviews, it can be said that this show is going to be incredibly incredible and jaw-dropping. I guess Netflix once again, is going to steal our hearts with GLOW.