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The Fog


4% Critics Rating Critics
19% Audience Rating Audience

Selma Blair, Tom Welling and Maggie Grace star in this creepy thriller about an island town off the coast of Oregon that's forced to contend with some unwelcome visitors from its past: the spirits of lepers and sailors aboard a ship that the hamlet's forefathers had steered astray on purpose. Those aboard the doomed vessel all wound up lost in the fog forever. Now, they're back from the mist, eager to exact revenge on the descendants of their murderers.


Tom Welling

Maggie Grace

Selma Blair

DeRay Davis

Kenneth Welsh

Adrian Hough

Sara Botsford

Cole Heppell

Mary Black


Rupert Wainwright



Horror Movies

Supernatural Horror Movies

Supernatural Thrillers

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New Zealand


South Korea


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