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What's New on Netflix Ireland, October 2018

How to get American Netflix in Ireland

October 2018 Update: Want to learn How to get American Netflix in Ireland, or to change your Netflix country and watch Netflix Canada, UK, Netherlands, or Germany (recently added)?

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Get American Netflix in Ireland

33% Critics Rating Critics
17% Audience Rating Audience
93% Critics Rating Critics
79% Audience Rating Audience
Edge of Darkness
56% Critics Rating Critics
49% Audience Rating Audience
Landmine Goes Click
40% Critics Rating Critics
90% Audience Rating Audience
Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage
100% Critics Rating Critics
94% Audience Rating Audience
The Fury of a Patient Man
100% Critics Rating Critics
78% Audience Rating Audience
The Smurfs 2
13% Critics Rating Critics
56% Audience Rating Audience