Is This Is a Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist: Limited Series: Episode 4 on Netflix Mexico?

Netflix Release:
April 7 2021
TV Mysteries, Historical Documentaries, Crime Documentaries

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{"fr"=>"Un informateur et une mission d'infiltration ouvrent de nouvelles avenues dans l'enquête, qui mènent les agents fédéraux à la demeure d'un petit truand.", "en"=>"An informant and a sting operation open up new avenues in the investigation, which federal agents follow to the home of a small-time mobster.", "ja"=>"情報提供者の協力とおとり捜査が功を奏し、捜査は新たな局面を迎える。FBIは捜索令状を手に、あるギャングの家宅捜索に踏み切るが...。", "es"=>"Un informante y un operativo encubierto abren nuevas puertas en la investigación y llevan a los agentes federales a la casa de un modesto capo del crimen."}

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