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Today's New Releases on Netflix South Korea

We are adding new titles to this list as soon as they are discovered in South Korea. Check back regularly for the most up-to-date list!

PPONG School: Season 1: Episode 35

School is in session for four "Mister Trot" finalists as they participate in special lessons that will take them to the next level of superstardom.

Boom, Im Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho
Music & Musicals, Variety TV

Yo! First Time in Korea?: 2021: Episode 7

Foreign expats in Korea invite their friends to visit the country, where they try local foods and explore tourist attractions. They’re seeing their old friends -- and they’ll experience different aspects of Korea’s food, people, and culture together.

Kim Joon-hyun, Shin A-young, Alberto Mondi, DinDin
Reality TV, Food & Travel TV, Lifestyle


A former violinist grows suspicious of the new people in her life and their alarming behavior as she recovers from an assault that left her blind. A vicious attack took away her sight. Now she believes someone is trying to make her lose her mind.

Madelaine Petsch, Alexander Koch, December Ensminger, Lee Jones
Psychological Thrillers, Thriller Movies, US Movies
Cooper Karl

Call My Agent!

At a top Paris talent firm, agents scramble to keep their star clients happy -- and their business afloat -- after an unexpected crisis. Tantrums. Treachery. Secret flings. When you work for stars this big, the juiciest dramas play out behind the scenes.

Camille Cottin, Thibault de Montalembert, Grégory Montel, Liliane Rovère, Assaad Bouab, Fanny Sidney
TV Comedies, TV Dramas, French
Fanny Herrero


Four prehistoric friends go on an array of adventures while trying to unravel a mystery about a big, fierce creature. Based on Jonny Duddle's book. An adventurous foursome. An enormous mystery. In dino land, Bill, Mazu, Rocky, and Tiny know how to have ginormous fun!

TV Cartoons, Kids' TV, TV Shows Based on Books

The Battery

After moving rural Okayama, a loner who’s talent shines on the pitching mound joins the school baseball team and forms a lasting bond with his catcher.

Kento Hayashi, Kenta Yamada, Akihiro Yarita, Misako Renbutsu, Yuki Amami, Goro Kishitani
Children & Family Movies, Sports Movies, Dramas
Yojiro Takita

South Korean Foreigners: 2021: Episode 3

Foreigners living in Korea battle local celebrities in a quiz competition that wants to know: Who's more of an expert on Korea?

Kim Yong-man, Park Myeong-soo
Variety TV

Video Star: 2021: Episode 3

Four female hosts blend quick quips and laughter with candor as they invite celebrity guests to open up about their lives.

Park So-hyun, Kim Sook, Park Na-rae, Sandara Park
TV Comedies, Talk Shows

Daughter From Another Mother

After realizing their babies were exchanged at birth, two women develop a plan to adjust to their new lives: creating a single —and peculiar— family. Two moms. Two babies. One peculiar family. Double the love — double the trouble!

Ludwika Paleta, Paulina Goto, Martín Altomaro, Liz Gallardo, Javier Ponce, Oka Giner
TV Comedies, TV Dramas, Mexican TV Shows

Into the Wilderness: Into the Wilderness: Episode 33

Comedians shadow mountain dwellers who have opted out of the hustle and bustle of city life in exchange for fresh air and peace of mind. Surviving in the concrete jungle to thriving in the ends of the Earth. The broke and broken heal in Mother Nature's arms.

Yoon Taek, Lee Seung-yoon
Science & Nature Docs, Docuseries, Nature & Ecology Documentaries
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