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After moving his family into his childhood home, a man's investigation into a local factory accident connected to his father unveils dark family secrets.

Ward Kerremans, Sallie Harmsen, Johan Leysen, Jesse Mensah, Mieke De Groote, Katelijne Damen
Dramas, Thriller Movies, Belgian
Steffen Geypens

Caught Out: Crime. Corruption. Cricket.

This sports documentary examines India's biggest match-fixing scandal, the icons caught in its web and the journalists who uncovered the corruption.

Sports Movies, Sports & Fitness, True Crime Documentaries
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

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Evil Dead
The World's Gold
Mission: Impossible II

Maestro in Blue

A musician goes to lead a festival on a scenic island, where he begins an unexpected romance and finds himself entwined in other people's problems.

Christoforos Papakaliatis, Haris Alexiou, Maria Kavoyianni, Fanis Mouratidis, Marisha Triantafyllidou, Yannis Tsortekis
TV Mysteries, TV Dramas, Romantic TV Dramas
Christoforos Papakaliatis

Dance 100

To win $100,000, eight choreographers must create increasingly complex routines for an ever-growing number of elite dancers — who are also the judges.

Reality TV, Competition Reality TV

Sir (Hindi)

When a private school teacher is assigned to a neglected public school, he must overcome personal and political strife in his fight for education.

Dhanush, Samyuktha Menon, Samuthirakani, Tanikella Bharani, P. Sai Kumar, Aadukalam Naren
Social Issue Dramas, Dramas, Indian
Venky Atluri

Hasta el cielo: La serie

When her husband dies, Sole decides that the best way to take care of her son is to become a crime boss — even if that means being her father's enemy.

Asia Ortega Leiva, Luis Tosar, Álvaro Rico, Richard Holmes, Patricia Vico, Fernando Cayo
TV Action & Adventure, TV Dramas, Crime TV Shows
Daniel Calparsoro, Jorge Guerricaechevarría

Pui Pui Molcar

They’re guinea pigs! And they’re cars! The fuzzy and adorable molcars have lots of fun adventures in this delightful stop-motion animation.

TV Cartoons, Kids' TV, Japanese


A struggling tabloid reporter and a loud, well connected ex-yakuza informant team up to get the story on a series of shocking murders.

Kenta Kiritani, Reo Sano, Kana Kita, Yasushi Fuchikami, Takayuki Hamatsu, Hannya
TV Dramas, Crime TV Shows, TV Thrillers

In His Shadow

After the death of their father, two half-brothers find themselves on opposite sides of an escalating conflict with tragic consequences.

Kaaris, Alassane Diong, Assa Sylla, Carl Malapa, Issaka Sawadogo, Hassam Ghancy
Dramas, Crime Movies, Thriller Movies
Marc Fouchard

The Last Man on Earth

A sophisticated executive wakes up to discover all people have disappeared — and her only company is an arrogant co-worker determined to win her over.

Laura Acuña, Jhon Álex Toro, Jeka Garcés, Rodrigo Candamil
Romantic Comedies, Comedies, Romantic Movies
Juan Camilo Pinzón