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Captain America: Civil War


90% Critics Rating Critics
89% Audience Rating Audience

It's Avengers vs. Avengers when Captain America fights to keep his superhero friends independent, while his pal Iron Man supports government control. The greatest superhero team ever has been split into two factions, and their leaders aren't giving in. This means war.


Chris Evans

Robert Downey Jr.

Scarlett Johansson

Sebastian Stan

Anthony Mackie

Emily VanCamp

Don Cheadle

Jeremy Renner

Chadwick Boseman

Paul Bettany

Elizabeth Olsen

Paul Rudd

Frank Grillo

Tom Holland

William Hurt

Daniel Brühl

Martin Freeman

Marisa Tomei

Stan Lee

John Kani

Sven Hönig

Stephen Lewis

David Brown

Matthew Anderson

John Slattery

Alfre Woodard

Florence Kasumba

Hope Davis

Gene Farber

Kerry Condon

Julianna Guill

Amelia Morck

Brett Gentile

Al Cerullo

Kevin LaRosa

Jim Rash

Damion Poitier

David de Vries

Blair Jasin


Anthony Russo

Joe Russo


Action & Adventure


Comic Book and Superhero Movies

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