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Today's New Releases on Netflix South Korea

We are adding new titles to this list as soon as they are discovered in South Korea. Check back regularly for the most up-to-date list!

Men On A Mission: 2021: Episode 15

Male celebs play make-believe as high schoolers, welcoming star transfer students every week and engaging in battles of witty humor and slapstick. In this classroom, everyone becomes the same age. No books, no teachers. Just lots of foolin' around.

Kang Ho-dong, Lee Su-geun, Lee Sang-min, Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Hee-chul, Min Kyung-hoon
TV Comedies, Variety TV

Tasty Guys: 2021: Episode 16

Four comedians who love to eat visit restaurants throughout Korea to sample popular items on the menu and take on various challenges. They love food and know where to go for tasty delights -- and are eager to share their tips about how to eat well.

Yoo Min-sang, Kim Joon-hyun, Moon Se-yun, Kim Min-kyoung
TV Comedies, Lifestyle, Variety TV
Lee Young-shik

My Golden Life: My Golden Kids: Episode 45

Parenting's not an easy job, and every child is different. Experts provide tips and coaching for struggling parents in search of solutions.

Shin Ae-ra, Oh Eun-young, Jung Hyung-don, Jang Young-ran, Hong Hyun-hee
Reality TV

Gourmet Mukbang Trip: Season 1: Episode 99

Traveling across Korea to enjoy the heartiest meals, manhwa artist Huh Young-man invites guests to join him for tasty dishes and genuine conversation.

Huh Young-man
Travel & Adventure Documentaries, Docuseries, Food & Travel TV

Yo! First Time in Korea?: 2021: Episode 19

Foreign expats in Korea invite their friends to visit the country, where they try local foods and explore tourist attractions. They’re seeing their old friends -- and they’ll experience different aspects of Korea’s food, people, and culture together.

Kim Joon-hyun, Shin A-young, Alberto Mondi, DinDin, Park Ji-min
Reality TV, Food & Travel TV, Lifestyle

Into the Beat

A teen ballerina discovers hip-hop by chance and is faced with an impossible choice: Does she follow her parents’ footsteps... or her newfound passion? Ballet is in her bones, but hip-hop has her heart — and now she's at a crossroads. Which path will she choose?

Alexandra Pfeifer, Yalany Marschner, Trystan Pütter, Helen Schneider, Julius Nitschkoff, Dennis Kyere
Romantic Dramas, Teen Movies, Dramas
Stefan Westerwelle

Why Are You Like This

Three best friends negotiate work, fun, identity politics, hookups and wild nights out in this razor-sharp satire of 20-something life in Melbourne. Young. Fun. Painfully woke. They're ready to party — and save the world. Whether the world wants them to or not.

Naomi Higgins, Olivia Junkeer, Wil King
TV Comedies, Australian TV Shows
Naomi Higgins, Humyara Mahbub, Mark Samual Bonanno

PPONG School: 2021: Episode 14

School is in session for four "Mister Trot" finalists as they participate in special lessons that will take them to the next level of superstardom.

Boom, Im Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae
Music & Musicals, Variety TV

Fast & Furious Spy Racers

A government agency recruits teen driver Tony Toretto and his thrill-seeking friends to infiltrate a criminal street racing circuit as undercover spies. Street racing is in his blood. His daring friends are like family. Together, this resourceful crew is up for any mission.

Tyler Posey, Charlet Chung, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Jorge Diaz, Camille Ramsey, Luke Youngblood
TV Cartoons, Kids' TV

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

A single dad and cosmetics brand owner figures out fatherhood on the fly when his strong-minded teen daughter moves in with him. When it comes to parenting, her dad does the absolute most. And trying to live her life without constant embarrassment won't come easy.

Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, Kyla-Drew, Porscha Coleman, Jonathan Kite, Heather Hemmens
Sitcoms, TV Comedies, US TV Shows
Jamie Foxx, Jim Patterson
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